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2016 sorrel colt

Price: $2500


2016 sorrel colt

Price: $2500


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Trucks/Trailers for Sale

2001 Cato 6 Horse Trailer

2001 Cato 6-horse slant load. Mangers. Hay rack. Ramp. 9′ living quarters shell. Side tack door in the back as well as saddle rack and bridle hooks in the LQ shell. There is a door that goes from the LQ to the first stall as well as an escape door on the first stall. Three doors that go into the under-manger storage area.  There are also bridle hooks in there.  The electric jack was no longer working so it now jacks up manually.  I cannot get the inside lights to work but I suspect it’s a problem with the plugin wiring.  Other than that, door and window latches and everything else is in good working condition.  Brakes are good, tires are good, etc. For more pictures Click Here.


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  1. Jim St. Germain

    Do you have any head horses for sale an at what price going to be in s.s. for a few more days

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