The 4th annual Super Horse Challenge will be held September 1, 2017.  Contestants entered in this challenge will be competing in 5 different events, with the goal of having their horse be named the Champion Super Horse.  The catch is that the same person has to ride the horse in all 5 events, so the rider’s versatility really comes into play as well.  Events they will compete in include heading, heeling, breakaway roping, goat tying and barrel racing, thus making it a contest that both men and women will be competitive in.  A saddle will be given to the Super Horse Champion, as well as buckles to each event champion and numerous other prizes, in addition to added money.

Entry forms will be available soon, and entries are due August 20, 2017!

2017 Sponsor Packet

2017 Super Horse Challenge Rules

For a recap of our 2016 event, click here.





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