Super Horse Challenge 2015 Results

The 2nd annual Routier Ranch Super Horse Challenge was held this past weekend, and a great time was had by all! It was exciting to see local cowgirl Jamie Britton and her horse Hackamore Henry win the event. If you are unfamiliar with the super horse competition, contestants entered in the challenge compete in 5 different events, with the goal of having their horse be named the Champion Super Horse. The same person has to ride the horse in all 5 events, so the rider’s versatility really comes into play as well. Events they compete in include heading, heeling, breakaway roping, goat tying and barrel racing, thus making it a contest that both men and women will be competitive in. Last year’s champion was Chad Miller from Bowman, ND.

Twenty-five contestants from South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana competed in this year’s Super Horse Challenge and over $5,500 in prize money as well as a saddle, buckles, and numerous other prizes were awarded, thanks to our sponsors-CLARK & ASSOCIATES, WESTERGREN QUARTER HORSES, MEYER FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC, DAKOTA WESTERN BANK, RAHN PERFORMANCE EQUINE, FARM BUREAU INSURANCE (PHIL KISSACK), BLAKE’S TRAILERS, JAEGER HORSE SHOEING, IRELAND PERFORMANCE HORSES, ZOETIS, CIELO CINCHES, TOP PERFORMANCE EQUINE, COW CHIP CREATIONS, LYNN WEISHAAR, AUCTIONEER, and HILLS EDGE LEATHERWORK & BEADWORK.

Although dates have not been finalized for next year’s event, planning has already begun. In an area where there are many great breeding and training programs, the Super Horse Challenge is a great way for people to showcase their horses and programs. Full results are below, but first, thank you SO much to everyone who has helped and supported our event the past two years: Gary Westergren, Dean Meyer, Matt & Carmen Gilbert, Terry & Laurie Goehring, Jon & Shelly Mueller (Laurie and Shelly were responsible for this year’s dinner), Brian & Barb Williams, Taylor Vroman, Kevin & Audrey Rahn, Will & Jen Meyer, Lonnie Richards, Kelli Britton, Travis Hurst, Ryan Routier, Brandee Wardell, Taryn Eversvik, anyone else who helped with babies, Amanda Njos, Marcus, Joaquin and everyone who entered… thank you!

1. Casey Reimler & Kay Cross Kirkann 34.426
2. Jamie Britton & Hackamore Henry 35.522
3. Bailee Murnion & PG Son of a Gun 35.709
4. Amy Brunson & Dual Dancin 36.058
5. Jessica Holmes & PR Diamond Dude 36.756

1. Ryan Routier & Pablos Superior 6.19
2. Pat Thompson & Black Betty 7.00
3. Bruce Sabers & Bar Bee Hstlr Boy 7.6
4. Jessica Holmes & PR Diamond Dude 7.6
5. Lowell Faris & Hunka Hoss 7.91

1. Jamie Britton & Hackamore Henry 24.82
2. Pat Thompson & Black Betty 27.55
3. Casey Reimler & Kay Cross Kirkann 27.91
4. Lonnie Richards & Cayennes Classic 29.81
5. Taylor Fox & Roan Bar Angel 33.9

1. Billy Myers & Irish Colors 15.84
2. Seth Weishaar & Goldens Little Boy 19.57
3. Seth Weishaar & Shining Gibson 21.41
4. Riley Routier & Barbies Royal King 21.82
5. Lowell Faris & Hunka Hoss 24.43

1. Casey Reimler & Mate N Cash 15.03
2. Casey Reimler & Kay Cross Kirkann 17.53
3. Bailee Murnion & PG Son of a Gun 18.22
4. Jessica Holmes & PR Diamond Dude 19.03
5. Jamie Britton & Hackamore Henry 19.07

1. Jamie Britton & Hackamore Henry 134.622
2. Seth Weishaar & Shining Gibson 141.251
3. Bruce Sabers & Bar Bee Hstler Boy 141.546
4. Lowell Faris & Hunka Hoss 156.4
5. Billy Myers & Irish Colors 163.634
6. Taylor Fox & Roan Bar Angel 165.664
7. Pat Thompson & Black Betty 16.097
8. Lonnie Richards & Cayennes Classic 176.611
9. Billy Myers & A Smooth Guy 181.417
10. Jessica Holmes & PR Diamond Dude 202.976

1. Cyler Dowling & Lil Love Chick 235.528
2. Sadee Hurst & Docs Rojo Caliente 330.707

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