Happy New Year!

This fall was quite a blur… which is my excuse for not having updated the blog since August! There were some highs and some lows but when 2014 was over, we had a great year under our belts.  Lots of hay, the calves sold great and we are looking forward to a lot in 2015…

Braden saw a lot of success in August at the Harding County Fair.  He and Payton both participated in the rocket launch and had a few static exhibits, and two of Braden’s went on to the state competition.  (Payton’s were not eligible to go as she was just a Clover Bud this year.)  They also each showed one of their tying goats- Braden showed Puddin’ and won Jr. Showmanship, and Payton showed Snowflake.  But most exciting was Braden and his heifer calf Darlin’- they won the Breeding heifers class, the Angus sired class and Best in Show.  Braden and Darlin’ definitely had their struggles getting ready for the fair but I think he decided it was worth it in the end.

In September, about 3 weeks after Riley finished 3rd in the Super Horse Competition aboard he and Braden’s horse Nickle, we lost her to a clostridial infection caused by a puncture wound from a gate latch.  It’s never easy to lose a really good horse, especially when they are your kid’s pride and joy.  We sure do miss her and although there will be horses that will be able to fill in for her, she will never be replaced.

Payton trick rode at a few rodeos this fall, including Buffalo’s Labor Day Rodeo and Bowman’s pro rodeo.  She is still a die hard trick rider; although, one of the highlights of her year may have been her 90-point sheep ride at Circuit Finals.  The Minot Y’s Men’s rodeo committee continues to go above and beyond for not only our immediate family but our whole rodeo family and we know how lucky we are every year we get to go back there.

Minot was also good to Smoothie and I again this year.  At her 11th Circuit Finals, and at 19 years old, we ended up second in the average, just missing a 5th trip to the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo… which is ok because during that rodeo this year I will be about one month away from delivering twins.  And this time they are human twins, not horse twins, and we unfortunately didn’t get the option of using recipient mares.

So, I will be laying low for much of the winter and spring. We start calving in February, and we have three mares that are due to foal in March, April, and May. The one in March is a recipient mare carrying another High On Corona x Especials Smoothie baby so we are really looking forward to that one. The other two are our broodmares, Pavo Belle Play and Special Craving, who are both bred to Flits Designer Fire. Our twin girls are due May 6.  Needless to say, I don’t think we will get bored this summer, but then again that has never seemed to be a problem in the past!

We wish you all a wonderful, prosperous 2015!
~  Jess, Riley, Braden & Payton

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