Super Horse Challenge Coming to Western South Dakota

South Dakota is known for raising great quarter horses who prove to be competitive in various events, as well as essential assets to ranches throughout the state. This fall, an event will be held to reveal/spotlight the abilities of these all around horses. The Routier Ranch of Buffalo, SD will be hosting a Super Horse Competition that will showcase the versatility of the competitors and their equine partners. The competition will include the following events: breakaway roping, heading, heeling, goat tying and barrel racing. The same rider must compete in every event in hopes to have the fastest overall time of the combined events.

Horses raised in South Dakota, and surrounding states, tend to be bred for durability, versatility and athleticism. Some of the greatest “rodeo” bloodlines derive from this area, making it home to some of the best sires that have proven their magnitude. This event will be a chance for owners and riders to prove that their horses and their bloodlines are significant enough to be competitive in multiple events. Stallion owners are offering prize incentives for the highest-placing horses that come from their programs. As the event grows, one goal is to further increase the incentives available to those riding qualified horses. Stallion owners will have the chance to promote their stallions through a competition that shows that their offspring are competitive in multiple events.

The Super Horse contestants will include both men and women who will compete in all 5 events. The events will be timed, like all other timed event competitions, and the horse/rider combo with the lowest total time at the end of the event will be crowned the champion. Each event will have a 60-second time limit, and failing to complete a run (for example, a miss in the roping events or breaking the pattern in the barrel racing) will result in a time of 60 seconds for that run. Each event will have two go-rounds.

The Super Horse Champion will receive a trophy saddle, and belt buckles will be awarded to the average champion of each event. There will be prizes for the highest-placing junior horse (5 years old or younger) and the highest-placing junior rider (18 years old or younger). Two stallion owners, Tyler and Dee Haugen (owners of High on Corona) and Chuck, Mary and Jade Crago (owners of PC Bronsin, Fire on Bug, CM Nonstop Nitro, Platinum Bully and Duals Blue Peppy; as well as the deceased Ihavepromises Tokeep and CM Dynamite Frost) have already stepped up and offered prizes to the top placing horse to come out of their programs. These are just some of the prizes that will be given away at the August 29-30, 2014 event, and there will also be added money.

The Super Horse Challenge expects to draw riders and horses that are competitive in all the events and capable of winning the sought after saddle. The competition will not only expose the talented horses in the area, but also the riders who are expected to rope, tie goats and run barrels. The competitors of South Dakota and its surrounding area are among the best in the country, and are even better when partnered with their all-around mounts.

If you would like information regarding sponsoring and/or entering the 2014 Super Horse Challenge, contact Jessica Routier or 608-553-0976.  You can also join the event page on Facebook for the latest updates.

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