Springtime fun

The past couple weeks, among the other usual things that keep us busy, we also had Braden’s spring concert, Payton’s ballet recital, Rally Day, and Mother’s Day Tea with the 1st graders…

The spring concert was not your average concert. Music director Laura Johnson who never ceases to amaze us did an awesome job of coming up with creative ways to make music.

Payton had so much fun participating in ballet this year. The video of the recital didn’t turn out the greatest from the balcony with my iPhone but you’ll get the general idea. She is the second one from the left in the front row when the video begins.

Braden had a great Rally Day. Not only did he win 4 blue ribbons and 2 red, he also won a bike for having read the most pages of anyone in the school throughout the year. It was his goal to win that bike this year and he read over 16,000 pages to do so.

Since Mrs. Odell went from teaching Kindergarten last year to 1st grade this year, we were lucky to get to experience Mother’s Day Tea two years in a row. The song below was just one of the treats the 1st graders had in store for us. The others included personalized poems that they wrote themselves, a story, and root beer floats. A big thanks to Mrs. Odell for hosting!

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