Arizona Futurities 2013

There hasn’t been a day since I left the 70-degree weather in Arizona that I have thought it was too cold here to go out and ride… but waking up today to -9 actual temp and -35 wind chill, I’m thinking I might take the day off and get some things done inside the house!

The Arizona futurities were a great experience as they usually are.  This year we ran two horses in the futurities- Frenchmans Bo Shakem (Rosie) and Hesa Speeding Bullet (Dollar).

Dollar is owned by Ashley (Williams) Day and it was fun to get to ride him because he is a son of her good mare Claire who she ran when we rodeo’d together in college. A lot of good memories were made with Smoothie and Claire!  Dollar and I didn’t get much bonding time in before the Arizona trip so it took a few runs for us to get a feel for each other but he still did great. He ended up placing 2nd in the 2D in one round of the last futurity, and also placed in the 2D average.  When 16-second runs on a standard are winning the rounds of the futurities, I’m ok with being in the 2D!  After that last weekend we changed Dollar’s name to High Dollar!

Rosie is a daughter of Royal Shakem owned by Westergren Quarter Horses.  We started her on barrels in April 2012 and then had a couple injury timeouts that set us back a little and then our jockey (me) was very sick from before Christmas until about halfway into our Arizona stay so of course we weren’t feeling real prepared come January… but I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how prepared you are you still aren’t going to feel ready when it comes down to it!  Despite all that Rosie did great.  Each run she got a little better and her fastest run at the futurities was a 17.8 on a standard pattern which to me is nothing to be ashamed of.  We look forward to seeing what Rosie will do the rest of her futurity year, which will start back up in June.

Special French Bear (Anna Belle), another Westergren Quarter Horse, also made the trip south with us to run in the Open 4Ds. Anna Belle will be 7 this year, and we ran her at the Arizona futurities 2 years ago. Anna Belle had surgery this past summer to remove a piece of stick that had somehow gotten worked into the inside of her leg so she missed a lot of her 6-year-old year but is back to running strong now. She made consistent mid-17 second runs while in Arizona.

And we can’t forget about Classy! Below is a smoking 89-second run by Classy and Patyon, who have a COMBINED age of 8, but soon to be 10 years old!

Stay warm everyone!!



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