Buckles and Saddles and Prizes…

Oh my! This is our first blog post of the summer and [since Braden went back to school this week as a 1st grader!] summer as we know it is pretty much over!  As we all are reminded of almost every single day, time really does fly when you’re having fun!

This summer was highlighted by two big firsts… Payton won her first buckle (plus two more) and Braden won his first saddle!  Payton’s first buckle was won at the Camp Crook Jr. Rodeo, where she won the Jr. Jr. Jr. Stick Horse Barrel Racing, was 6th in the Jr. Jr. Jr. Goat Tail Untying, 4th in the Jr. Jr. Jr. Dummy Roping, and she was the Reserve Jr. Jr. Jr. All-Around.  Braden did great at the Camp Crook Rodeo Jr. Rodeo too.  He moved up an age group this year, and he placed 6th in the Jr. Jr. Boys Barrel Racing and 6th in the Jr. Jr. Boys Pole Bending, and he would have done great in the Jr. Jr. Boys Flag Race too, except his flag fell out of the bucket due to a big rock that was in there, according to Braden.

Payton won two more buckles at the Buffalo Youth Rodeo Series, where she ended up 1st for the year in the Goat Tail Untying, 2nd in the Stick Horse Barrels, and she won the All-Around.  Braden finished the year 5th in the Dummy Roping and 5th in the Barrel Racing riding his trusty mount, Nickel the Pickle… or Idaho as he sometimes calls her.

Nickel also carried Braden to his first big saddle win! We attended the Badlands Barrel Series in Marmarth, ND, this summer and Braden ended up 1st in the poles and 2nd in the barrels to give him enough points to win the saddle.  A big thanks to the Turbiville family for putting on the series and sponsoring the saddle! Braden is still saying he just can’t believe he won a saddle!!

This past weekend Payton was the flower girl in our good friend Sarah Smith’s wedding. She had the time of her life, thanks Sarah and Merritt for asking us to be a part of your big day and Congratulations!!

The Harding County Fair was also this past weekend and Grandpa Terry Goehring was the honoree this year.  The kids helped honor Grandpa by riding in the wagon with him and throwing candy for the parade. Payton wore an outfit that her Aunt Tracie made especially for her.  Grandma Jake and Grandpa Jon got to be here for the fair too.  In addition to watching the rodeo on Sunday where Riley won the team roping and I was second in the barrels on Grandma Jake’s horse Bo, they got to watch the kids participate in the watermelon eating contest and the street races. A good time was had by all!

Us big kids still have a few rodeos left before our summer is complete, but so far the rodeo trail has been good to us!  Riley wins just about every time he goes team roping… well, about all 5 times he’s gone… and I’m just trying to keep winning enough for Riley to let me keep going!! Smoothie is still going strong and right now we’re sitting 2nd in the Badlands Pro Rodeo Circuit with just a couple rodeos left for this season.

We’ve had some exciting additions to our herd this summer but I’ll have to share pictures of them later as Payton is telling me it’s time to get to work! No rest for the wicked around here…

[More videos and pictures below]

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