Summer Recap

Time flies when you’re having fun! This summer was our busiest yet, which left little time for blogging! So here’s a quick recap…

Braden and Payton finished their summer rodeo series strong. Braden moved up to the ‘older kids’ age group this summer, so the competition was a little more tough for him but he improved with every rodeo. He consistently caught 2 out of 3 in the dummy roping, and when he wasn’t waving his hat in the air and ‘Yeehaw’ing before he crossed the timeline, his barrel racing times got faster each week. Payton ended up 4th in the stick horse barrel racing and 6th in the goat tail untying. At the end of the day, Braden was tickled with his consolation prize and Payton, who won some great prizes for her 4th and 6th place finishes, was mad that she didn’t get a consolation prize. I’m not sure what we’re going to do about her competitiveness, and really not sure where she gets it???

Despite being super busy on the ranch all summer, Riley was able to slip away to just a few rodeos and team ropings, but he made the best of it. In August he attended a roping at Erin Simon’s arena in Belle Fourche and he ended up winning the roping AND a horse trailer! For a family whose shortest trailer was 28 feet long, the 2-horse bumper pull has already gotten a lot of use!

As for myself, trying to run futurity horses and rodeo horses at the same time might sound a little exhausting… but let me tell you it has been really exhausting… but mostly worth it! Both went really well for the most part. With one futurity left for the season, we are looking forward to next year with two futurity horses that are solid, loving barrel racing, and ready to move on to life’s next barrel horse ventures. Frenchmans Isa Dash had a great futurity season, placing 2nd in the average and 3rd in the average at two of the futurities, and making good solid runs throughout the season. Special French Bear also made good runs all season long, and although she didn’t win big at any of the futurities, she won plenty along the way in the 4D jackpots and sidepots.

Smoothie is still running strong and we finished the year 3rd in the Badlands circuit. We’ve also gotten a good start for the 2012 season, but most importantly she’s feeling frisky and young at the ripe old age of 16!

Special won enough at the few SDRA/NRCA rodeos we went to to qualify for both of their finals (well, almost- we ended up 13th in the SDRA and got to go by default).  Smoothie then went on to win the average at the SDRA Finals, which was good for a new Double J saddle that has gotten a lot of use already!

Horses and rodeo aside, Braden started Kindergarten this fall and he is loving every minute of it. Payton has adjusted well to being home without her brother and she passes the time by changing dresses every other hour, and flying her kite under the power lines. Payton has a new pony named Lunchbox who she will tell you is “the best pony in the whole wide world.”

We sold a couple horses this summer, who went to great homes, and acquired a few new ones that we’re excited about!  Our calves have shipped and the barrel races are winding down, and even though it’s hard to have to come in the house at 5:00 because there’s no daylight left, I think we’re all ready for a little bit of a slow-down.  Albert Einstein said that life is like riding a bicycle- to keep your balance you must keep moving. Some days I’m not quite sure if we’re balanced, but we definitely keep moving!

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