Hawley, MN and Hulett, WY

My first rodeo weekend of the summer went nicely.  On Friday Jen Meyer and I took a short trip to Hawley, MN, where I ended up third and Jen ended up seventh. This was Smoothie’s first run of the summer and it was quite a relief that she felt so good after having only 10 days to get back in shape after we tried getting embryos out of her.

On Sunday I ran Special at the Hulett, WY NRCA rodeo. I’d never been to Hulett before- what a beautiful place and cute town!  Special did great and we ended up third there as well.

Just as we were about to leave Belle Fourche on the way home, a weather alert came on the radio saying that Southwestern Harding County was under a tornado warning.  We waited it out in Belle and luckily nothing much came of it, although there was a tornado spotted not too far from us.  Hopefully that was our close call for the summer!

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