Branding 2011

Payton and Grandpa Terry just finished bringing in the cows and calves for branding at Terry and Laurie's place.

This post is for Terry, who doesn’t understand why, with all the rain we have had lately, it has taken me so long to put our branding pictures on the website.  Thank goodness we branded when we did!  Otherwise we’d be looking for some recruits who enjoy mud wrestling big calves…

Riley and Two Socks in the branding pen.

Austin Visser in the branding pen on Toad. Riley and Two Socks.

Austin on Velvet and Ryan on Riata.

Ryan on Riata.


Ryan on Riata.


Austin gathering a straggler.


Headed out to gather cows.


Austin on Toad.


Not really sure whose kids these are. :)




Laurie on Fire.


Braden's branding dance?


Everyone's working hard... but what's Ryan doing?


The best place to learn how to rope calves!


Our branding crew included Joe Dickman, Austin Visser, our South African trainee Nick Jonker, and Wessel Aucamp.


Ryan on Casey, gathering cows to brand at Terry and Laurie's.


Nick on Sunder.


The Boss ???


The Boss.


Wessel, Laurie on Fire, Ryan on Casey, and Austin.


Braden, just being Braden.


Braden and Austin holding a calf down.


#1 wrestler.









Terry and Nick.


Terry and Riley, all business.


More roping practice.


Now what?




Payton and Grandpa.

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Blogging is a great idea…

when the wind is blowing 60 mph…. and you can’t throw your saddle on fast enough to get it on your horse before the blankets blow off… and you can’t take your kids out to play on the swingset because it blew away… and you can’t really drive anywhere unless you enjoy getting 6 miles to the gallon on your $4.25/gallon fuel…

So this is the first of hopefully many Routier Ranch blog posts!  Not because I hope the wind keeps blowing but because I really do have intentions of updating this blog regularly with the latest news from the ranch and the rodeo trail!  This is also where I’ll be posting recent pictures and videos… like this one of Payton and Special, as we actually did spend half of today in the barn while Riley put his equine dentistry skills to work.

So check back often! We’ll try not to disappoint you. :)

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